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Innovative Training Solution for the Installation of Collaborative Robotics in Manufacturing Sectors

Joint Curriculum

Basic of collaborative robotics

The aim is to know what a collaborative robot is, what opportunities and risks a cobot offers, what it can and cannot be used for and what distinguishes it from conventional industrial robots.

Collaborative Robotics Modular Design and Behaviour

The learner has understanding, knowledge and skills about cobots’ modular design and behaviour and how Cobots work; knows basics of programming cobots and can demonstrate the basic skills and knowledge to program cobots; knows possibilities of modularity and re-programmability of cobots’ functionalities and different robotic cells; has knowledge and skills about sensors, actors and machines an application needs, and gripping technologies.

Collaborative Robotics safety requirements

Know the standards, know the risk assessment process, know how to design a safe application.

Collaborative Robotics Installation in the Assembly Line

The learner has understanding and is able to demonstrate how to install cobots on assembly line and balance assembly line

Collaborative Robotics Interactions. Digital Human Model, Digital Human Simulation and RULA Method

This module aims at provide a helpful base for the companies to work on performance and WMSDs risks

The training courses

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